Monday, 12 July 2010


Today has been quite exciting because it was my first day with my new intern Ella. The weather has been horrid but we've spent the day in my old college library, Leeds Art, sifting through loads of old Vogues then onto having a lovely coffee with a ridiculous amount of sugar, making me completely wired for about half an hour while we were hunting for fabrics..

We'll be starting on making samples of pockets, collars and cuffs tomorrow which sounds quite tedious but should be lots of fun! I'm on the hunt for someone who can knit and would like to help with my collection.. If you are interested or know anyone who would be up for it then drop me an email at

Hopefully I should be getting a lovely industrial 5 thread overlocker, button holer and buttoner (two of the scariest machines I have ever used, no joke) but as for an ordinary sewing machine, I'm having to use my 7 year old domestic which sounds and runs like a rusty old truck.. Oh the joys!

(Photo's from Vogue 1989)

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