Thursday, 8 April 2010


Last Thursday I had a fashion shoot for my creations from my last 3 projects. It went reallllly well because the weather was great!! I worked with Jon Stanley Austin who is an amazing photographer who I have worked with on a few occasions, he was brilliant with directing the model into great poses and chose the locations. He wanted to play about with shadow and use the sun seeing as it was out for once!! I also worked with Freda Lil Ellis, Hair & Make up artist. I have also worked with Freda on a lot of my shoots because we have a very similar taste and work well together and the make up always looks flawless. She can do any look whether it be heavy and dramatic or soft and neutral. My model was aceeeeeeeeeeee!! She's called Kelly Thomas and I've known her for a few years, she modelled for one of my first ever shoots back in 2008 (I think..) when I made all my metallic crazy dresses. She used to be a brunette but recently has gone firey red so I thought this would really work.

So these are some of the final shots. I am SOOO pleased. I originally intended on getting some really simple front, back & side shots but these more editorial style ones are ace and I'm a happy little woman.

ALSO I've just made a new fan page on facebook so I can update that with photo's and things I've been up to so please join :)!/pages/Mary-Benson-Fashion-Designer/109983872364017?ref=ts

Photography: Jon Stanley Austin

Hair & Make up: Freda Lil Ellis

Model: Kelly Thomas


HELLO THERE! I have been a busy busy little bee the past month and not had a chance to update my blog! But here is what I've been up to....

I went to Paris to work for Vivienne Westwood at the Gold Label show during Paris Fashion Week! It was REALLY exciting especially because I was leaving the country, it was good to get away for a few days..

I went with two other class mates Tiia and Harry. Harry and I arrived in Paris on the Eurostar at 9am but had to wait till about 7pm to go to the place where we were staying to had HOURS to kill. Soooo first stop was the Eiffel Tower. We were realllylly tired so decided to lay on a wall next to the tower and chill out in the sun but actually ended up falling asleep for about 3 hours with all the pigeons. Then we thought 'OH, let's go to the Boulevard Des Chanselise and walk around.' So we went to the Arc De Triomph and the MASSIVE Louis Vuitton store then got really tired and went to see A Single Man at the cinema cos we are sad and pretty much just wanted to sit down.

Annnyway after a long day we ended up at the place we were staying which was very nice, and got some sleep. The next day was the show and we had to be up quite early so we got the underground/tube/metro whatever and got off at Halle Freyssinet on the Boulevard Vincent Auriol. When we arrived all the models were getting their hair & make-up done so we went into the backstage area to see all the clothes and check which model we were dressing. The collection was aceee! My model was called Merlin and she was so sweet, she told me the collection was about girls dressing up as prince and princesses (which explained the crowns, bright pink lipstick and moustaches...). It soon got absolutely PACKED with photographers and camera men wanting to interview Vivienne Westwood and photograph what was going on backstage. We had quite a lot of time to just hang about before the show started to I used that time very well and stood by the heater with a blanket like a baby chatting to various photographers, it was very cold..

SOOOOOOO when the show started it was crazy and hectic I had to get Merlin into her first outfit which was fine but then for her second change I had to literally change her into a massive billowing dress in about 4 SECONDS before she went back onto the catwalk aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but it all went fine as wine and everyone was happy :)

After the show we went back to the apartment and got changed to get ready for the after show party for fun fun fun gin & tonic I mean fun times! I had such a good night, met some crazy interesting people, danced like a freak and fell down some stairs (but we don't talk about that...)

So here's some photo's for you to look at from the whole trip some are mine but Tiia took most of them..

Au Revoir!