Friday, 26 February 2010


WELL this was my first time at London Fashion Week and it was so sweeeeeeet! I worked at the front of house at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and saw some of the shows including William Tempest, Ada Zanditon, Alice Palmer, Komakino and Orschel-Read. They were ALL incredible and I had SUCH a good time. Tried to get as many pictures/video's as I could but because my Blackberry has a crap camera and only holds about 10 photo's anyway I didn't have much luck... good job there were about 7million other photographers there so I should be able to find more pictures online!

Anyway, I went to a couple of after parties during the week including Ada Zanditon and Fannie Schiavoni. I met lots of great people and had a really good time!! These are a few pictures of the night with me and my stylist Emily Rajch (, stylist Shan Sarwar and having a nice tea-cup of some weird pink mixture...

ALSO! You may have noticed that I sported my latest waterproof dress/coat which is actually fantastic for nights out for drink spillages etc...!

Now... ROLL ON PARIS FASHION WEEK! I will be leaving on Thursday (4th March) to work for Vivienne Westwood at Paris Fashion Week. So very excited about that! I'll definitely be taking my French Pocket Guide...

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